Monday, June 18, 2007

Sijjin Akka: The Prison of Akka

From the early days of Palestinian resistance, a famous and well-loved song...

This is a traditional Palestinian lament for the martyrdom of three great heroes in 1930: Fouad Hejazi, Muhammad Jamjoum, and Atta Al Zeir.


Three men and three verdicts, the accusation: love of Palestine, the ruling judgement: execution.
O Atta Al Zeir, Foud Hejazi, O Jamjoum, O three shining stars! You lit up the land of my nation, and from Akka came funerals for three doves, emerging from the darkness and spreading rays of light over my country.


Three men were they, racing towards death. In front of them was the deadly force of the oppressor. They met it with bravery and courage as immense as the land they defended.

Ya 3ain Ya 3ain (x3)

O the darkness of the prison (of Akka) is too great! When will it end for these brave men? The day is Tuesday the 3rd. O My Land (Palestine) answer...who will run to give his life and blood for you?

Ya 3ain Ya 3ain (x3)

From Akka's Prison came the funerals of Muhammad Jamjoun and Fouad Hejazi.
Mourn for them, O my people, mourn,
The grief of the year has come. (x2)

(The tolling of bells)

Muhammad Jamjoum with his will, Fouad Hejazi with his love of righteousness, see what they offered! Only to be exectued by the judgement of the Oppressor! (x2)

And Say, O Muhammad 'I am the first among you!', my voice, O Atta, is in your honour, and say, O Hejazi: 'I am the first among you', that is the strength of their honour. (x2)

(The tolling of bells)

O, my dear loving mother, the time has come. With all the nations of the world to witness, they called Fouad. O Fouad, they cannot even say farewell! (x2)

They call to Atta. O Atta, you are the glory of men and bravery. He attacked the garrison with sweeping passion! (x2)

(Tolling of bells)

O my brother Yousef, and you my mother, do not (take revenge), my sister, lest you fall into death. For the sake of this country I sacrificed my blood, it is all for you, O Palestine. (x2)

These three died the death of lions! Stay steadfast, O mother, stay resilient. For this nation (of Palestine) we give up our lives, our bodies, and our souls! And the crown of freedom and victory sits waiting for us! (x2)

(The tolling of bells)

On this day of Tuesday, these young men will hang. The people of brave Atta and Fouad, they do fear neither torture nor death!! (x2)

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